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Production Company: 
Starmites & Little Shop of Horrors - Nov 8-18
Shrek The Musical - April 25-May 4
Musical Theatre: 
Matilda - Jan 23-Feb 3
Production Acting: 
Spring Play TBA - Mar 8-16 (March 7th Region Theatre, April 18-20 State Theatre)

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LPHS 20232024 auditions1024_1.jpg

Audition Dates


March 17th, 2023

Vocal and acting audition video due by Midnight on March 17th


March 18th, 2023

2:00 PM in the Lone Peak Auditorium

Students may audition for all company classes in the same audition.  Only one audition is required for all classes. 

What to Prepare

Video audition: Due March 17th by Midnight

  1. Presentation - Students should dress up in a way that reflects the importance of the audition. They should be friendly, poised, and confident. Introduce yourself with your name, grade you will be in for the 2023-2024 school year, and the title of both your audition pieces. This part of the audition should be as well-prepared as the monologues and songs themselves.

  2. Monologue - 1 minute memorized piece from a play or musical. 

  3. Song - 16-32 bars of a musical theatre song, performed with a piano accompaniment or minus track (no acapella). 

Dance audition: March 18th at 2:00 PM in LPHS Auditorium

  1. Wear clothes and shoes you can move in.

  2. Come prepared to learn and then perform a short dance combination. 

Class Descriptions

Musical Theatre

A4 - Fall semester only 

Prepare and perform Winter Musical - End of January. 

$30 due at registration


Production Acting

A4 - Spring semester only

Prepare and perform Spring Play.

$30 due at registration


Productions Company

B8 - Full year

Fall Musical - November, Spring Musical - April, Region and State competition. 

$60 Class fee due at registration

$100 Costume Fee due at registration


All company classes are high-level performing classes. As such, they require devoted time and attention during class, as well as outside-of-class rehearsals (after school, evenings, and/or Saturdays). Rehearsal schedules are given to students approximately two weeks before outside-of-school rehearsals begin. Every attempt is made to follow these schedules; however, schedules are subject to change as needed by directors.

Audition Submission

Due by midnight on March 17th 


Complete the audition form and submit the audition video below:

1. Audition Form

2. Audition Video Submission

3. See you on March 18th at 2:00 PM in the Lone Peak High School Auditorium!

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