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Audition Dates


March 8th, 2024

Vocal and acting audition video due by Midnight on March 8th


March 9th, 2023

12:00 PM in the Lone Peak High School Black Gym

Students may audition for all company classes in the same audition.  Only one audition is required for all classes. 

What to Prepare

Video audition: Due March 8th by Midnight

  1. Presentation - Students should dress up in a way that reflects the importance of the audition. They should be friendly, poised, and confident. Introduce yourself with your name, grade you will be in for the 2024-2025 school year, and the title of both your audition pieces. This part of the audition should be as well-prepared as the monologues and songs themselves.

  2. Monologue - 1 minute memorized piece from a play or musical. 

  3. Song - 16-32 bars of a musical theatre song, performed with a piano accompaniment or minus track (no acapella). 

Dance audition: March 9th at 12:00 PM in LPHS Black Gym

  1. Wear clothes and shoes you can move in.

  2. Come prepared to learn and then perform a short dance combination. 

Class Descriptions

Musical Theater

A4 - Fall semester only 

Prepare and perform Fall Musical - November. 

$30 Class Fee

$50 Costume Fee

Production Acting

A4 - Spring semester only

Prepare and perform Spring Play.

$30 Class Fee

$50 Costume Fee

Productions Company

B8 - Full year

Winter Musical - January, Spring Musical - April, Region and State competitions. 

$60 Class fee 

$100 Costume Fee

All company classes are high-level performing classes. As such, they require devoted time and attention during class, as well as outside-of-class rehearsals (after school, evenings, and/or Saturdays). Rehearsal schedules are given to students approximately two weeks before outside-of-school rehearsals begin. Every attempt is made to follow these schedules; however, schedules are subject to change as needed by directors.

Non-Audition Classes

Stage Crew 

B7 - Full year

Prerequisite: Interview w/ teacher | Email Ms Cox at

This is an advanced Techical Theatre class that will be responsible for running lights, sound, and running crew for all drama productions, assemblies, and auditorium rentals. This class requires extensive after school and out of school time during rehearsals and performances.

Theatre Foundations - Concurrent Enrollment 

B6 - Spring semester only

A dynamic introductory course which examines theatre analysis, history, dramatic structure, outstanding dramatic literature, and the various roles in theatre production including the playwright, producer, director, the design team, production staff, house staff, run crew, and publicity.Students will be expected to hone their performance skills as well as enhance their knowledge of the theater as a whole. Students are expected to attend theatre performances outside of regularly scheduled class time.


A2 - Offered both semesters 

English Elective Credit

11th and 12th graders 

Introduces students to storytelling for the stage. Focuses on writing short scripts using classic structures. Emphasizes the structuring of stories, creating engaging characters, and communicating ideas in the process of developing an individual voice. The class will function as a writing workshop, with students reading and commenting on each other’s writing. The Utah state core standards associated with ELA 11/12 standards will be followed.

Audition Submission

Due by midnight on March 8th 


Complete the audition form and submit the audition form and video below:



3. See you on March 9th at 12:00 PM in the Lone Peak High School Black Gym!

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