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2021 Shakespeare Team

Thank you to all those who auditioned! Unfortunately this year we had a certain number of spots to fill, so we couldn’t cast everyone even though we wanted to. Thanks for all your talent! If you didn't make it this year, please audition again next year!

Tess McGill- 

Lady Anne- Richard lll- Monologue 

Brutus/Ensemble- Ensemble 


Gwen Carlson- 

Iago- Othello- Monologue

Death- Ensemble 


Chloe Cahoon- 

Phebe- As You Like It- Monologue

Horatio/First Citizen/Ensemble- Ensemble 


Sammy Osmond- 

Shylock- Merchant of Venice- Monologue 

Osric/Prince/Ensemble- Ensemble 


Ash Peterson- 

Olivia- Twelfth Night- Monologue 

Lavinia/Second Citizen/Ensemble- Ensemble 


Salem Arrington- 

Prologue/Lucianus- Hamlet- Scene 

Gravedigger/Third Citizen/Ensemble- Ensemble 


Lydia Kimball- 

Player Queen- Hamlet- Scene 

Tamora/Ensemble- Ensemble 


Ethan Zabriskie- 

Player King- Hamlet- Scene 

Caesar/Lucius/Ensemble- Ensemble 


Brooke Christensen- 

Lucetta- Two Gentlemen of Verona- Scene

Gertrude/Lady Capulet/Ensemble- Ensemble 


Emily Ward- 

Julia- Two Gentlemen of Verona- Scene 

Juliet/Fourth Citizen/Ensemble-Ensemble 


Jami Greenburg- 

Paulina- The Winters Tale- Monologue 

Cassius/Ensemble- Ensemble 


Zach Aden- 

Fool- Ensemble Scene 


Elli Ashton- 

Beatrice- Much Ado About Nothing- Scene 

Lady Macbeth/Lady Montague/Ensemble- Ensemble 


Daniel Bearss- 

Benedick- Much Ado About Nothing- Scene 

Claudius/Lord Montague/Ensemble- Ensemble 


Luke Elzey- 

Benvolio- Romeo and Juliet- Monologue 

Hamlet/Ensemble- Ensemble 


Tommy Hatch- 

Jaques- As You Like It- Scene 

Saturninus/Lord Capulet/Ensemble- Ensemble 


Danny Kenny- 

Amiens- As You Like It- Scene 

King Duncan/Romeo/Ensemble- Ensemble 


Andrew Thomas- 

Dog- Two Gentlemen of Verona- Scene 

Laertes/Lennox/Ensemble- Ensemble 


Cameron Ward- 

Launce- Two Gentlemen of Verona- Scene 

Titus/Ensemble- Ensemble 


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