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Important Information - Revue + Tour

TOUR - Are you coming?

The tour payment schedule was sent out in a previous email, but I am attaching it again below because we now need a firm count on who might like to come on tour with the Productions class! If any family members want to go as part of the group, Jim needs to know by December 15.

If you (or any family members) are planning to come, please email Jim ( and let him know if you are flying with the group or on your own, if you want passes, hotel, meal vouchers, and if you want to use the shuttle. (See breakdown on attached payment schedule.) It's easier to collect payment if signing up for the whole package, but it can be broken apart.

The first tour payment was due in November, and the second one is due the end of this month. Please pay these via or through the finance office at the school.

Tour Breakdown
Download PDF • 40KB

Revue Schedule

The Revue rehearsal schedule was given to students in class and is posted on (under the "Productions Class" tab).

Upcoming Dates to Remember

December 17: Christmas Party (for both Musical Theater & Productions classes)

February 10-11, 14-15: Winter Play (A Midsummer Night's Dream)

January 20-21, 24: Musical Revue Performances

March 11: Region One-Act Competition

TBA: Region Drama Competition (I'm not sure of the date on this one yet)

April 4-9: Productions Tour to Orlando

April 21-23: State Drama

April 21-26: Anastasia (Gala after the show on April 21)

TBA: End-of-Year Banquet

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