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Disney Waiver - Due November 5

Hello, parents!

This year Disney is requiring a waiver be signed for each person going on tour (including any family members). Signing this waiver isn't a commitment to going on tour, but it has to be signed if you are going. There is a link for minors and adults. Please fill one out for your student and if any family members are thinking about coming on tour this year, fill one out for them as well.

Once you've filled out the waivers, email Jim at and let him know so he can keep track of who we need to bug. ;) Please fill these out BEFORE November 5.


Distribute personalized Walt Disney World Health Waivers o Digital personalized Waivers have been created for your group’s trip o All persons attending the trip must return a signed Waiver (including the Safety Representative) o Please distribute the links below to the appropriate attendees § Minor Waiver Link · Please make sure if the Guest is a minor, their waiver is signed by their Parent or Court Appointed Legal Guardian § Adult Waiver Link · For Guests 18 years of age or older on date of signature

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