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Drama Camp Information

Drama camp is June 21-25 from 9:30-12 each day. Please arrive at 9:00 on the first day and by 9:15 on the other days. The performance will be Friday, June 25 at 3:00 (please arrive at 2:30) in the auditorium and is free to attend.

Please pick up your script at Jaime Ward's house (5861 Victoria Lane in Highland). If you are working only 1-2 days at the camp, you don't need to pick up a script. If you are working 3 or more days at the camp, there is a script for you. A digital copy of the script is attached below.

You are welcome to write your name in your script and mark it in whatever ways are helpful to you. Scripts will be destroyed at the end of camp, so you are welcome to use highlighters, pens, etc.

The following link will show you your assignments for camp.

If there is no assignment written next to your name, that means you didn't fill out your availability for the week of camp (those marked N/A already let me know they can't come). If you don't have an assignment but will be able to help, please come to camp and we'll give you an assignment.

Vocal tracks for the songs will be sent out soon so you can listen to them a few times to become familiar with them before camp. Be aware that I changed some of the lyrics to a few of the songs, so if the words in your script are different from the track, go with the words in your script.

If two of you are listed to teach the same song, that either means that you will be working together to teach it or that you will each be teaching it to different groups at different times. It will be more clear when I send out the master schedule sometime next week.

If you are listed as a back-up for a speaking role, here's what that means. I am hoping that we can get the oldest group of kids (8th and 9th graders) to do those roles. However, when we go through it with them, they might be too shy to take a speaking role, or they might want some of the lines but not all of them. Your job will be to say any of the lines they don't want to say. I will work closely with you to be sure we're clear by the second day of camp whether or not those older kids want to take those roles or not (thanks for being awesome and flexible!).

One final plea - if you have been assigned a speaking role, PLEASE start working TODAY on learning your lines. Please don't wait until next weekend to try to speed memorize. You already know that's not very effective. If you will be out of town or working next week, please factor that in and work extra hard on your lines the days you're not traveling or working. Remember that it is CRUCIAL that we come to camp prepared with our lines already memorized so that we can focus on helping the kids learn their lines (along with songs and dances)! It's A LOT to teach them in such a little time.

Superstan Script - Final PDF
Download PDF • 304KB

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